četvrtak, 18. prosinca 2014.

NeoBux Special Promotions

Being NeoBux user for years now I learned there is a time when it's better to upgrade your account or extend referrals because of special discounts.

Very often, at certain holidays like Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving and so on NeoBux provides great discounts for upgrade/renewal of your account and for referral renewals.

Like every time, this Christmas there are two promotions. First one was for renewing referrals that offered up to 32% discount on renewals. The second one (AND STILL ACTIVE!!!) offers $20 discount on account upgrade. This one will be active until December 19th, 18:00 hours server time.

Following and tracking promotions like these is the best way to get more for less - extend your referrals and account for less and earn more.

If you still haven't registered to NeoBux CLICK HERE to do so or learn more about NeoBux HERE.

četvrtak, 21. kolovoza 2014.

Make 146 dollars risk free!

I wrote before on NeoBux Coin offers, well there's a ongoing special promotion at this time from Matomy.
Registering for only two offers can make you over 115 000 Coins which, translated into money, means $186 for you. These two offers are William Hill and EuroGrand casinos.
Then why did I say 146 in the title of this post? Well, to get the bonus you must register and deposit a minimum of $20 for every offer, that $40 total.
But, you can use them to bet and play games at Casinos. Maybe you can bet whole $20 on red and risk it and instantly get back $40 if you're lucky or you can just have some fun at blackjack table.

So, how can you make $146?

First, you must be a NeoBux member. To register for NeoBux click here.

After you register log in to your account. Go to OFFERS and click on COINS.
Then find Matomy Offers. In there you'll find EuroGrand and William Hill offers, each worth over 57 000 Coins.
Register for both of them, download their software and make a deposit of $20.
And last thing to do is - Play!
Good luck!

You will get your Coins few minutes after you've registered for these offers. Only downside of this is that you'll have to wait for 30 days to be able to convert them to cash. But still, it's a good pay for something that takes only 10 minutes to do.

utorak, 4. ožujka 2014.

Be careful with rented referrals!

It's been 4 months since I've upgraded to Golden. Best $90 ever spent! It took me over a year to get to earn them since I didn't want to spend my money, but I want to prove that it's possible to make some extra cash on the side with NeoBux.

Since then I've earned about over $300 of which I've received about $150 and spent $150 on renting referrals.

This post is about them - your rented referrals.

Your rented referrals aren't as active as direct ones, you can expect an average of 0.7 click per day per referral. So, with 100 referrals you can expect to get about 70 clicks per day. That gives you just enough margin to make money!

Let's do some math: To rent 100 referrals you'll have to pay $20. With autopay disabled they'll last for 30 days (if you don't extend them). If you make 1 cent per referral click this means that they'll have to bring in at least 2000 click in 30 days to be profitable!
If we divide 2000 with 30 we get 66.67 - or 67 clicks per day they have to make to break even!

If you enable autopay the situation is different completely! With autopay you pay 1 cent per day per referral that clicks that day to extend him for 1 day more. AutoPay could mean a potential loss so I disabled it after I did some math.
Recycling and extending referrals could cost you more that you could earn!

This rule obviously has one exception - you should only extend referrals that are profitable - I extend all that have an average of at least 0.75 or more because 0.75 times 30 equals 22.5 cents opposite to 20 cents it cost you to rent him. This minimal average grows as your referral number grows because later you wont pay $20 per 100 refs, you'll pay more. Just divide the cost with number of days and you'll get the break-even value!

After a while you should have a solid base of "earners" that have an average just good enough to keep them arround.

The bottom line:
Upgrade to Golden, rent referrals, disable autopay, do not recycle, do not extend, let them expire as they go, with one exception:
If, after 29 days, referral has an average of 0.75 or more - extend him for 30 more days, he's a money maker!

petak, 13. rujna 2013.

Great TIP how to DOUBLE and TRIPlE your INVESTMENT over NeoBux

In my last post I wrote about NeoCoins and how can you make money with them.
Well, in this post I've selected few offers that give more than you pay!

Select Offers button and then click on NeoCoins. Go to Matomy tab. Now look at these three selected offers - EuroGrand casino, EuroMillions lottery and Fiverr.com offer.

This is the most rewarding offer. You'll have to register, download the App and deposit. It doesn't say how much you should deposit, but I've made a purchase of $20 and got my NeoCoins.
For completing this offer you'll get 29 106 NeoCoins. (For 29106 NeoCoins you can get $31, but keep reading)

To get your reward you have to register and make a purchase of 1 British Pound minimum. For this you'll get 3210 NeoCoins (2500 NeoCoins = $2, 1 Pound you deposit = $1.4, but keep reading).

You've might wonder why is this offer in yellow. Well, the two offers above make more money than you spend, this one requires you to spend $5 to make only 1933 NeoCoins. You can't even convert that to cash.
But, this is a very useful offer. People are willing to do almost ANYTHING (legal that is) for 5$. You can get hundreds of visits to your referral link and new referrals just like that. And 1933 NeoCoins.

By completing these three offers you'll make 29106 + 3210 + 1933 = 34249 NeoCoins. If you don't complete the Fiverr.com offer you'll make 32316 NeoCoins.

For 30000 NeoCoins you get $39 and for 2500 NeoCoins you'll get $2.
If you complete few free offers with the three above and get 35000 NeoCoins you'll make a nice $44,and you've spent about $26.

NeoCoins - a good way to get some more cash!

Hi everyone,
I've bet that you've seen NeoBux's NeoCoins offers before. Well, what are NeoCoins?

NeoCoins is a sort of NeoBux currency. You earn them by completing offers or when your referrals complete offers. Offers are often about something free, where you won't earn many NeoCoins, but there are paid offers where you can earn lots. Example, you can download VLC player and make 40 NeoCoins or you can Buy AVG Antivirus suite and earn 6000 NeoCoins.
When you earn enough you can exchange them for real money. Exchage rates are:
  • 2,500 NeoCoins = $0.8 for each 1000 NeoCoins = $2
  • 5,000 NeoCoins = $1.0 for each 1000 NeoCoins = $5
  • 10,000 NeoCoins = $1.1 for each 1000 NeoCoins = $11
  • 20,000 NeoCoins = $1.2 for each 1000 NeoCoins = $24
  • 30,000 NeoCoins = $1.3 for each 1000 NeoCoins = $39
  • 40,000 NeoCoins = $1.4 for each 1000 NeoCoins = $56
  • 60,000 NeoCoins = $1.5 for each 1000 NeoCoins = $90
  • 80,000 NeoCoins = $1.6 for each 1000 NeoCoins = $128
  • 100,000 NeoCoins = $1.7 for each 1000 NeoCoins = $170

To complete them select Offers button and click on NeoCoins. This page will open.

NeoCoins offers and how to make money

Now look at top - you'll see bunch of logos (TrialPay, Super Rewards, Peanut Labs, Token Adse, Matomy) - these are the companies providing the offers for you. Each one will have different offers. By completing the offer you'll earn NeoCoins.
Sometimes you'll get NeoCoins on 15-minute delay, as it's mentioned somewhere in the text. Nothing to worry here, you'll get your NeoCoins. Sometimes you'll have to wait even longer to process the offer.

To cash in your NeoCoins you'll have to wait for 30 days after you completed the offer.

Great way to EARN MONEY with NeoCoins is to save them and cash them in when you have as much as you can.
You get better conversation rate when you have more NeoCoins.

Happy clicking!

petak, 18. siječnja 2013.

AdPrize... well, what is that?

AdPrize is something like a lottery. Every day you will get certain amount of "tickets" which you can "play" in order to win something.
You can win anything from cash, NeoPoints or, the grand prize, free one year GOLDEN MEMBERSHIP.
You will get three tickets per day for each ad you view. So, if you click on, let's say 25 ads you'll have 75 tickets to play AdPrize lottery.

After viewing them simply go down the page and click AdPrize button. New window will open where ads will be shown. After viewing the page for few seconds you need you will instantly know if you won something or not. If not, simply click next to use your next AdPrize ticket.

Like NeoBux? Register then to http://www.neobux.com/?r=zaradanainter.

srijeda, 16. siječnja 2013.

Neobux gives more

Neobux gives more!

Now, you can earn money not just by clicking ads and by referring people, but also by MiniJobs and Commissions.

MiniJobs are jobs that take few minutes of your time and require you to answer few questions. Simple as it is, it also requires from you a certain action, e.g. find a website using Google or Bing and then report if you managed to find it and if that was indeed the correct site. You can earn up to $0.1 and more by doing MiniJobs.

Commissions work as you might imagine. Every time some of your direct referrals buys something (like an advertising pack or upgrades) or if he or she completes MiniJob or MiniJobs you will receive your share.

If you complete more offers faster you'll earn, but you'll also get extra bonus! NeoBux gives you a BONUS of 12% for every dollar you earn!

If you haven't registered to NeoBux yet you can do it by clicking the following link: http://www.neobux.com/?r=zaradanainter